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I had foot pain from standing on concrete all day. I got my feet scanned using the Foot Leveler Orthotic system and now wear my custom orthotics daily with minimal foot pain. These custom orthotics are absolutely worth every penny!  

Dean Sonsalla, Arcadia, WI.

Quinn (4 years old)  had some incidents of wetting the bed after she had a long period of dry nights.  Three adjustments and Quinn has been doing great! 

Erin Paulson, Ettrick, WI

I had constant foot pain from standing on concrete all day long.  I had almost immediate relief after wearing Foot Leveler orthotics.

Garret Zwiefelhofer, Bloomer,WI

Dr. Koxlien's chiropractic care during my third pregnancy was what kept me going! Seeing him regularly throughout my pregnancy kept my lower back and sciatica issues at bay so I could keep up with my two older children. But perhaps the biggest benefit came from techniques he has mastered that gets baby into the proper position for delivery. A seemingly simple stretching technique for a few weeks prior led to a quick and healthy labor and delivery! I can't recommend Dr. Koxlien's care enough for expectant mamas!

Amber R. Osseo, WI 

I sought out chiropractic care when I was told at my 36 week appointment that my baby was transverse. My midwife gave me 6 days to try and flip her. We scheduled a version procedure for a doctor to manually flip the baby the following week. I was a bit skeptical that she would turn before the scheduled procedure, but wanted to do everything I could to avoid a cesarean section and a painful version. After being unsuccessful with Spinning Babies, I decided to give chiropractic care a try. Dr. Koxlien was so kind and accommodating and saw me right away when I told him my situation. He used the Webster method and I felt the baby turn after just two visits. He successfully turned the baby and I was able to cancel the version procedure. I over-exerted myself the following week and my midwife told me the baby had spun into the breech position. I immediately contacted Dr. Koxlien and he confidently reassured me that we still had time to spin her again and avoid a C-section. After one more visit with him, he had turned the baby into the correct position once again! I went on to have a natural childbirth and a very quick recovery. Dr. Koxlien is also great about following up, but not doing unnecessary treatment as I've experienced with previous chiropractors. Dr. Koxlien has definitely made me a believer and I will continue to put my trust in him. 

Toni J. Osseo, WI